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Ord Valley melon growers have moved to assure consumers that their fruit is safe to eat in the wake of salmonella being detected in melons from a Northern Territory farm.

Source Rourke Walsh – The Kimberley Echo August 11th 2016

Bothkamp Australia Farms grower Christian Bloecker said the scare had already had a large effect on his rockmelon sales, as people across the country remained unsure whether the fruit they had purchased was safe to eat.

“As a grower, the past 10 days have been tough not knowing where the salmonella had come from and that potentially it could have been our fruit that was making people sick,” he said.

“We were fairly sure it wasn’t our melons as myself, the supervisors and the pickers have been eating them every day, but we couldn’t be 100 per cent sure.

“Thankfully, our melons have been tested and, as far as we know, have come back negative for salmonella.”

In a statement, the Australian Melon Association said all rockmelons from the affected farm had been removed from supermarkets nationwide.


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